five things for a 1 year old


Hope you had a relaxing weekend. I got a nap today so even after a busy Saturday and a full week ahead I find myself sitting here assembling a blog post when I should be in bed. But, since it has been too long since I pulled together a round up of five things, today is the day. So here we are with the five things that we are getting our mileage out of these days from the perspective of me: a madre who doesn't like too much fuss when it comes to baby stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.43.43 PM.png

  1. Hanna Slipper Moccasins No surprise that we love our clothes and accessories from Hanna Anderssen. My mom got us a pair of these little slipper socks that are soft, warm & easy to put on and stay on. They have a leather bottom so they are durable enough for crawling around, standing and little steps. Mario wears these on the daily and we have about three different pairs.
  2. Ikea bib (can't find a link). I recently picked up a set of two of these smocks at ikea, we use them as bibs when Mo is eating at the table with us. We often chop up our food so he can feed himself, things tend to get quite messy. These are great as they cover his torso and arms so the mess stays to his hands and face. yet, after looking closer at these online I think they might actually be for art activities.
  3. Joovy Spoon We had been searching for a walker so that Mo could get some exercise and get used to walking on his two feet. Who am I kidding, I wanted a little baby jail. With the crawling and climbing we needed a way to contain the monster There are LOTS of options out there but we settled on the Joovy due to its simple & minimal design- we all love it.
  4. Taggies Blanket This was a gift from my mom at Christmas last year, when Mo was two days old. It has become his 'thing, de sleeps with it every night. It is supposed to be a really good tactile toy for young developing minds and has proved to deliver some good entertainment. he enjoys discovering the different tags on the blanket, using his little fingers to distinguish between the different textures and snuggling with it lots.
  5. Patagonia Down Sweater My sister in law had a discount to Patagonia so we got Mo one of their classic jackets in a full size up. We got him a 2T so he can grow into it. He wears it these days with the sleeves rolled up. It is lightweight, warm & keeps him dry. I am very happy with this purchase, it is very portlandia.

Would love to hear from you, which other items we should be exploring at one year old! xx Ly