five things: the retail therapy edition

I blame the day light savings. I blame the election. I blame our recent real estate ups and downs. I blame a little boy who is proving why they call it the 'terrible twos'. Either way I have been feeling in a bit of a funk these days. And sometimes retail therapy does the trick so today I am curating the five things that can help improve my mood. 

  1. Bao Bao Bag Many a fashion forward woman have I seen sporting this tote and I love that it is a twist on the classic tote bag. The geometric details really elevate the bag and give it just the special touch that I want in an everyday tote.
  2. Acne Boots I tried these on in Seattle last month and my feet melted right in, in the absolute best way possible. They felt like the most perfect extension of myself. That to me is the exact definition of what a pair of basic boots should do for you, lift you up and carry you through your day.
  3. Longchamp Penelope Tote  Love the size and love the tassles, end of story.
  4. Swing Dress Playful and boxy. Winning combo if you ask me.
  5. Drifter Carryall I surprisingly ended up in a Coach store a couple months back and found this silhouette, along with the mixed leather materials, to be really sophisticate.

If you can't tell, a handbag would really cheer me up right now. In all honesty I am on the hunt for a work bag. An everyday type of tote that can fit my computer and gym clothes. And look Coach is having a pre Thanksgiving sale offering 30% off a bag of your choice. Decisions, decisions...

Alas, instead of sneaking into Nordstrom (or Coach) this weekend or filling an online shopping cart we are actually heading out of town for the weekend. That will likely be the perfect distraction. I will try and continue to practice 'experiences over things'. Wish me luck.

xx ly